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Do you have a plan b in place for your data when a disaster happens? Whether it be fire, hurricane, equipment failure, employee error, hackers, etc. our BDR systems keep your data intact. Never worry about the integrity of your documents again. Recovering your data is just part of a business continuity plan. Backup Disaster Recovery servers can help you continue to operate in the event of a server outage. Storing data offsite is a must to protect against fire, theft, wind, water and multiple other scenarios that can bring your network down.  A reliable backup solution should include:

  • On + Off-site daily backups for redundancy
  • Same day online data access from remote location in event of disaster
  • Encryption for the data stored and transmitted to keep your information safe
  • File retention history to recovery missing files
  • Flexibility is important for adding new systems and growth
  • Management
  • Testing

Contact STC if you need help putting a Business Continuity Plan in place.