About Us

We Are Your Total Solution Company

STC Business Solutions is the market leader in the greater Mobile, Alabama metropolitan area. We serve small and medium-sized business along the Gulf Coast, from Mississippi to Destin, Florida and have been providing old fashioned customer service for over 25 years.

We strive to bring technology solutions make your business run smoother, faster or smarter. Our services are simple. We charge a fixed-rate monthly fee and take care of any computer, IT or technical support your business needs. We even answer the phone when you call.

Our services include network security, monitoring and management, end-user technical support, on-site network engineering services, Internet, e-mail, both remote and cloud-based back-up and restore systems, business continuity and disaster recovery, telecommunications and infrastructure supply and support.

Our staff is comprised of some of the best in the business and they are dedicated to what they do day in and day out. Their commitment is shown by the fact that many of them have been with us for over 10 years allowing us to always be able to provide fast, top quality support.

Customer Support

We are your single point of contact for all your technology support needs anytime, anywhere, and on any device. A single e-mail or phone call gets us working to solve your problem.

Forward Thinking

We future proof your business by helping reduce losses in productivity, improve your the security of your operations and reduce computer network downtime.

Problem Solvers

We improve the management of your technology systems while helping you save money by offloading the burden of your technology and IT management.