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Network Managed Services

Managed IT Services

Does your system go down often? Connectivity and bandwidth are often the culprits. STC managed IT services keep your business running at peak efficiency. Your network of desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, and smartphones, are critical to your business. Avoid downtime with STC’s proactive services and 24/7 monitoring.

Features include:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • Proactive vs reactive approach to network service/support
  • Reduces network downtime
  • Anti-virus management/monitoring
  • Status and Activity Reports
  • Flat monthly fee

STC provides complete, proactive monitoring of all your computer systems 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We identify potential problems before they occur and ensure your business stays up and running without costly downtime. Managed services can be deployed on any network including remote offices, remote employees, and temporary sites.


Network Security

Computer networks are increasingly a target in today’s technology-driven business environment. Email-driven scams are common and can put your entire business at risk. Keep your network safe. STC provides security features to keep the hackers out. Our solutions keep your confidential business data safe and computer network running smoothly.

Features include:

  • Virus/malware protection
  • Router intrusion protection


STC Network Services is here to quickly and confidently answer your question!

Sometimes just having another expert opinion can put you at ease. STC can deliver consulting services on a limited or large scale basis to handle any project or future expansion you may have in mind. We can deliver our expert knowledge about an issue and even put you in touch with others that may know more than we do about your situation. Anytime you have a question or concern about your business technology needs STC Network Services is here to quickly and confidently answer!

Website Design, Hosting & Technical Support

Website development services include design, content development and mobile‐friendly format that meets all of the latest security and website development best practices. We provide Search Engine Optimized (SEO) services to ensure your site is found on search engines and can either make site edits for you or supply a content management system that is easily managed by office staff.

Hosting & E-mail Services

Connectivity is critical and STC’s reliable hosting services ensure your site stays up and running. STC hosted e-mail accounts offer another hassle-free technology solution and include the latest SPAM filtering.

Internet Services – STC provides all of your Internet Services needs – from web hosting and design, e-mail SPAM filtering, and Internet Connectivity we can get you where you want to be with excellent service and easy to reach support. Never become part of the anonymous 800 number crowd again – contact us for local and personalized support.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing allows access to your computer from anywhere over a secured data network. STC keeps your business data protected with our cloud products. Access critical business functions and share documents among groups from the cloud – virtually anywhere.

Features include:

  • Ability to keep your data in-house with our hybrid cloud product
  • Co-location
  • Private Cloud
  • Instant data recovery
  • High Availability
  • Flexible remote connectivity options
  • Software and hardware security

STC can answer all your questions regarding the benefits of cloud computing. Our experience and expertise will allow you to make this option a productive part of your computer system and not another expensive headache. We migrate your business processes to the cloud with our cost-effective services so you can immediately reap the benefits while saving money.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity is a primary focus of STC. Your company simply cannot afford to be down. You must have access to your applications and data quickly. Do not let malware, viruses, disasters, failed devices and unplanned outages prevent you from conducting your critical business processes.

Features include:

  • Fully managed backup solution
  • Instant data recovery
  • Local Fail-over virtualization
  • Cloud Fail-over virtualization

Risk Management and Compliance

Security cannot be overlooked when setting up your systems for flexible easy access. Managing risk is always a concern. If proper attention is not given you could be leaving the door open for going out of business due to an unforeseen catastrophe. Network assessments and risk management survey and reporting gives you the details you need to prioritize your resources to limit risk in your organization and secure your sensitive systems and data. Many businesses are governed by HIPAA, PCI or other regulations. If you must meet industry, government or corporate standards a security assessment by STC can give you the network, security, risk and document insights that you need to mitigate risk.

Features include:

  • Providing your company with complete documentation of your existing network
  • Snapshot of where you are and what you currently have
  • Provides a current, accurate inventory of both hardware & software
  • Identify potential network issues, risk & security concerns
  • Provides necessary system information for any outside vendors your company may employ or contract with to provide support/services
  • Recommendations for upgrading & enhancing the performance of your system
  • Recommendations for mitigating risk
  • HIPAA, PCI Compliance reports
  • PEN test and vulnerability scans